Dark Elves and Goblins continued

Magni begins the conversation ...."What I can't figure out," began Magni.  "Is how the Goblins got here in the first place?  How long would you say they've been around, Niss?"   The conversation goes back and forth for awhile.  And during the conversation, the subject of how Niss and the Gnomes came to the World of the Humans.   Baldur asks Niss.
     "And while we're on the subject," said Baldur.  "How did you little guys get here, anyway?  Legend had it that you were...out and about, but I never really believed the stories."
     "Well, I guess now you do," smiled Niss.  "As to how we got here, we were part of the deal.  A secret deal mostly."
     "You mean from the beginning, from when the world was made?"  Charlie asked.
     Niss smiled.  "Something like that," replied Niss.  "But the Goblins, now that's another story."

(again, I'll talk about how the Gnomes arrived in the Medelia later)  - you'll love it

"But the Goblins, now that's another story."  So here the reader is presented with some interesting problems.  Who are the Goblins?  What are they doing in the World of the Humans?  When did they arrive and where did they come from?  (more later)

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