Cosmology continued

4.  The roots of Drasil not only go down to the Underworld to all the 8 levels, branches of the ancient tree go to all the other 8 worlds.  So for example, in the case of Nibel and his brother, Ragand, they traveled from the World of the Dwarfs to Medelia, the World of the Humans.  The passage was made possible initially because the doors to the 9 worlds were opened after the betrayal.  To make the journey, Nibel and Ragand had to do the following:
                       a.  They had to find the open door to the Underworld in the World of the Dwarfs
                       b.  Then they had to follow the intertwining roots and branches that led them down into the dreaded Underworld.  Each of the worlds in my cosmology have their own stamp, if you will, on the Underworld ( more on that later).
                       c.  Then Nibel and his brother would have to make the down to the most dangerous level the 8th level - (the opposite of the Law of Order - Chaos - ) This is the level that holds the passage way to all the other worlds.  There, of course, is a river at this level (more on that later :)
                      d.  Then the brothers would have to find the roots of the tree Drasil that corresponded to the World of the Humans and begin the climb up through all the upper levels that would eventually lead them to the entrance in the Poisoned Forest.
                      e.  Now I'll talk more about this later because it is delightfully complicated but also to state that in the World of the Humans the passage down to the 8th level - Chaos has secret corridor of sorts.  This will come into play in Book Three....  

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