Black Swan

Just a quick :) mention of the black swan - or soon to be black swan, Muspell (more on his name latter) - I became intrigued with the theory and thus did some research.  This brief history is thanks to Nassim Nicholas Taleb, a Lebanese / American essayist, scholar, statistician and risk analysis.  Mr. Taleb if you happen on the blog I apologize if I misquoted or "got things wrong." It was not my intention.
So according to Mr. Taleb, a Black Swan event has three characteristics.
1.  An event that comes as a surprise.
2.  Has major effects on the world - or greater society
3.  Is often inappropriately rationalized after the fact with the benefit of hindsite

(examples - again according to Taleb - would be the Internet, Personal Comupters, WWI, the dissolution of the Soviet Union and 911.

In the Chronicles, Nibel has found a way to "grow and train" a regular sized swan and turn it into a large swan that he can ride.  (a sort of flying machine)

Now, it is important to mention, that the Black Swan is of spiritual significance in "traditional history" of many Australian Aboriginals and is the Emblem of Western Australia.  Therefore, I go  lightly on this subject and in no way seek to offend anyone, most of all the Australians. 

Continuing:  In the Chronicles, Muspel is introduced as Nibel's large flying swan.  The swan was once an ordinary sized swan with ordinary habits and abilities of a regular swan.  In Chapter 24, Meeting with the Shadowling, the reader is told how Muspell came to be.  "Nibel's experiment began the day he stole a feather from the swan's soft underbelly.  As a result, the swan was changing color.  he was becoming a black swan."

Now, the development of Muspell into a black swan, with the understanding of Taleb's work and theories, is significant in The Chronicles.  I took great lengths to "plant the seed" so to speak in Book One but it won't be until Book Two that my adaptation of Taleb's theory will take place.

I should mention to those that are reading the blog and will in the future that honestly there is nothing that will appear in the 6 books, including Book One, "that will occur just by accident."  I took great care - (don't forget I have been writing the Chronicles over the past nearly 30 years) to make  Book One as tight as possible and still be fun to read.  The book can be read "just for the fun of it...."  but.......the more you look the more one will find :)  - ah such fun it is....

So just in summary on the black swan theory.  Muspell, in Book One, is changing colors.  He is not a black swan just yet.  But the reader is getting a foreshadowing of what is referred to as a "black swan event." 

Muspell will do a number of fun things in Book Two as it relates to stuff