Black Swan follow up

One more tid bit about the Muspell - the soon to be black swan.  Remember that Nibel is an alchemist and a metallurgist - He came from the World of the Dwarfs.  - one of his activities in Medelia is simply as someone that experiments with things...On the surface - no harm there - Nibel, of course, carries his experiments too far - as in an earlier post - he really doesn't care about the "means" only the "end...." 

He knew that he would need a "flying machine" of some kind.  So, he began to experiment with this and that until he came up with the swan idea.  He took (more like stole) a feather from the swans soft underbelly - (you shouldn't have done that Nibel) - he then experimented with the single feather....He and Toad cooked up all sorts of delightful concoctions until they were able to make the single feather from the swan, fly!! How fun is that.

Then they ground down the feather and added a few more vials of this and that - and fed the potent to the swan.  Over time, the swan grew to its present stature (large enough for Nibel to ride about)

Of course, Nibel has created something, like many of his experiments, that will come back to bite him....