General Information

I'd like to start explaining some of the contents of Book One.  Before I go into that, however, just some general info about myself that might help to explain how things went together with regards to the writing.   I was born in the Midwest along the bend of the Minnesota River in a town called, Mankato.  The 1950's were my early childhood.  It was Baby Boomer central.  Most of the fathers had been in WWII and moms were home taking care of the important business of running the household affairs.  Kids played with other kids.  Electronics as we know them today did not exist, of course.  The entire town was a safe place.  Everyday, especially in the summer, we just made it all up.   So when I started the Chronicles, all the "dark forests," and "magic this and that" and "strange creatures" harkened back to my childhood.  Imagining things came easy for me.  The Chronicles were a way for me to stay a kid and to keep imagining all those adventurous days that I had as a child.  Regardless of where the book and the series goes from here, it's been a grand thirty years of writing for me.