Good morning everyone.....have been away from the blog for awhile but I see there is still interest !!  thanks to all my closing in Book Two - which will actually be Book One - a bit confusing but after a lot of soul searching - I realized that there were elements in the first book that I was not all that happy with - including not having contemporary "kid characters"  which I now have...

Am pleased - finally - with the way things are going - will update soon


Welcome Azerbaijan

A big welcome to readers in Azerbaijan......thanks for checking out the blog - hope all is well in your corner of the world ....a beautiful spring in New England


Book Two News

Good morning one and all and greetings to those folks who take the time to look over the blog...just wanted to say that I am about half way done with Book Two...lots of spring projects to do but am finding the time to write as well..

I hope all is well where ever you are !!



Hi everyone !!! All is well with Book Two..........having a lot of fun with it - I have honestly not checked the blog for awhile as I have sort of been in the "zone" with Book Two - so I looked at things this morning and there were the numbers coming out of Israel - 998 hits on the blog !!!!

So, a big thanks for the interest !!


Book Two Update

Just wanted to let folks know that Book Two is going well.  Have just about reached the 200 page mark.  Having fun with the "real kids."  I like the book.  Hopefully it will be well received.  Thanks to the "loyal readers" for checking in.


Book Two update

Hi everyone and many thanks for readers still checking into the blog.  Just wanted to say that for some reason :) there is another uptake on books / and / or downloads for Book One...Thanks to everyone who might have done so !!!  Hope you are not disappointed in the read.

As to Book Two - am on a roll - finished chapter 24 - page 168 - or so - I am keeping the chapters short - am figuring out problems and situations as I go...having loads of fun with the book and am on track for a late spring finish -


A big welcome to Armenia

I want to welcome readers of the blog in Armenia !! Thanks for checking in and thanks for - if you have - downloaded or purchased Book One - have reached the 150 page mark in Book Two - am on track to finish by the end of  May (with any luck)

thanks again